Little things about myself

About Me

Hi! My name is Gaël.

Hi, I’m Gaël, born and raised in the world wide web. Web developper since 1998, business analyst, mobile web apps developer, search optimizer & webmarketing specialist, webperformance activist, user experience & customer satisfaction zealot.

I like designing web applications, increasing pageviews and crafting a perfect user experience from search engine result pages to after sale customer service.

01. Bio

Journey to web development

Having a computer at home since I whas a kid, I quickly began poking at it. I did not enjoy compulsory education too much. After high school, I taught myself some web development and started freelancing.

In 2004 I co-founded a company ( with a friend for the next 3 years years and in 2017 got back before to web application and UX design at Schneider Electric as a Business Analyst.

I'm now working as a freelance web developer.

02. Resume

Gaël Billon


Freelance web developer

2018 - Now

Proxy Porduct Owner at Schneider Electric

2015 - 2019

Co-founder & Managing director at Escadrone

2014 - 2017


Lycée Aristide Bergès

Bac scientifique

2008 - 2011


HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Git

SEO, SXO, Analytics, Tag Manager

Prototyping, wireframing, atomic design


Native in French (C2)
Professional Proficiency in English (C1)
Intermediate in Spansish (B1)

03. Skills

Web development, User Experience, Photography


I've always been interested in web development. Since I built my first website in 1998, I never stopped learning.

  • Frontend Development
  • Web performance
  • Web marketing
  • Prototyping
  • Web & App UI Design
  • User Experience Design


Although I like spending my spare time in front of a computer I am fortunate enough to have occupations that require going outside.

  • Photogrametry
  • Photography
  • Cartography