On Photography

On my free time, if I ever happen to be alone. I like taking pictures, with genuine lenses. And with a drone.
I then spend way too much time sorting, editing and adjusting hundreds of files. More photos on my Instagram and Flickr

Wild Wild North

I've always dreamt of seeing the Yukon. Heart of the goldrush. home to wolves, bears and cougars. Where a good part of the population has a seeplane in front of their house.

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Penn ar Bed, end of the earth

This time we decided to visit the westernmost place of metropolitan France. L'île d'Ouessant. 850 inhabitants and 5 lighthouses.

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Seaplanes of Canada

Seaplanes are a common way of transportation in Canada, the country is so huge and some places so remote that it would not be possible to access them otherwise.

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Berner Oberland and Valle Versazca

A one week road trip to the Italian part of Switzerland via Interlaken and the Great St Bernard Pass

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Downtime at Dakhla

Every day is wind day in Dakhla, it is as if a giant fan was switched on all year long. A great place to learn and practice kiteboarding.

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From Amazonas to el Choco

Every you go in Colombia, there's always someone to ask if you're having a good time in their country.

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Australian outback

In 2008 I went to Australia for a gap year with a Working Holiday Visa. Australia is huge, it is disconcerting when not used to.

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