Waterscap.es a static site made with Gatsby


This site was developed with GatsbyJS, a static site generator based on React and GraphQL. And it is a real pleasure to develop with these 3 three technologies. React allows you to build a site as reusable modules, even on another site, or even on a mobile application. GraphQL allows you to recover data from various sources with disconcerting ease: Markdown files, CMS Headless, Google Sheet, WordPress, etc. Everything is then compiled into html files, just like in the good old days:) The site is hosted free of charge by Netlify on CDN with HTTP2 and HTTPS. The content at Contentful is a headless CMS that allows you to properly decouple the data part from the display part. This is also free for a long time to come, I still have 4772 "articles" to add before switching to a paid plan.

So as not to have to type a command line to deploy the site on Netlify with each modification. Webhooks on Github and Contentful are automatically triggered each time the code or content is changed.

placeholder SVG Gatsby
When compiling the site, Gatsby uses the open source program Potrace to generate SVG placeholders while waiting for JPG images to be loaded and the result is both powerful and very nice to see.


  • Gatsby
  • Contentful
  • Netlify
  • Mapbox GL SJ